Our academy teams offer a competitive environment for our youngest players.  They practice twice a week in the Spring and Fall and once a week in the Winter, as well as competing in the EDP 5v5 festivals (Spring and Fall only).  Players selected for these teams will be introduced to the fundamental skills, techniques and body movements and begin to play in a semi-structured game environment.  

What does PSA SDFC Youth Development offer you child?

  • Professionally trained by qualified coaches

  • Age appropriate sessions to increase learning

  • Opportunity to develop creativity and improve motor skill development

  • Individual skill introduction - ball mastery (manipulation) & 1v1 techniques

What are PSA SDFC looking for in an SDFC Player? 

  • Enthusiastic; is your child excited about soccer? 

  • Development; are the early signs of good motor skills and co-ordination present?  

  • Student of the game; does your child show an interest in developing new skills?

  • Every players first class will be a trial class

After this initial session you will receive a recommendation for the most appropriate program for further development, whether that be with this program or one of our other programs we host. 

WINTER DATES: Jan 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, Feb 5th, Feb 12th. 



What age can my child attend?

PSA SDFC Junior Academy exist for Boys and Girls with birth years 2012 - 2013

Does my child have to tryout?

The first session will be a trial class to determine the best pathway to further development. 

How will I be notified if my child qualifies for the program?


After your first session, PSA SDFC will contact you by email with the best development pathway.  

Is the entire program free or just the trial class?

The entire program is free, no hidden fees for the Junior Academy

Who can I contact for more information? 

BOYS: Hass Zerban

GIRLS: Lucas Loya