As of April 2018, the Wildcats have merged their teams with Princeton Soccer Association to create the PSA Wildcats. Combining the programs from PSA Central and NJ Wildcats full-time further enhances the club and builds upon the significantly talented teams already playing between them. PSA Wildcats will look to become a regional powerhouse club that will utilize the resources of both clubs in the Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean Counties of NJ with the directors, coaches and facilities of both programs coming together in order to provide the best service for our players. The merging of the two programs will see teams created at each age group for boys and girls U8 through U19.


The NJ Wildcats youth teams were created in 2002 by Kevin McDermott after he bought the franchise from previous owner Vincent Baldino and are one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in Monmouth County. The Wildcats have a  long standing tradition of developing players and teams that are recognized on State, Regional and National levels.


The PSA Wildcats teams provide an opportunity for youth soccer players to reach their full potential. They encourage good sportsmanship, teamwork and teach the necessary skills to play competitive youth soccer.


With 2 National Championships, 6 National Finalists, 6 Region 1 Championships, 4 NPL Regional Championships and 12 NJ State Cups. PSA Wildcats are now recognized across the whole of New Jersey as one of the best franchises in the State.


As well as creating successful youth teams PSA Wildcats also have great pride in its college acceptance. PSA Wildcats provides exceptional youth players with a challenging program with a goal that these players will gain exposure to enhance their opportunities to further their development as student athletes at college level. Many Wildcats previous players can be seen playing in top colleges around the country and in the professional National Women’s Soccer League - since 1995 there have been 153 players commit to play college soccer and are always looking to make sure these numbers rise.


Kevin McDermott, Wildcats President says of the future: "I could not be more excited with the official merger of NJ Wildcats with PSA. It has always been our goal to be the strongest club we can be and have the best development program for dedicated players to come and be able to reach their full potential. With this mega merger of NJ Wildcats, PSA and SDFC, we are well on our way to achieving these goals!"

The youth teams began with 1 team and now host over 25 teams both boys and girls that compete in EDP and NPL.