"Creating a place to call home" - PSA Facility Developments

Here at PSA we are committed to the development of our own homes to support the long term growth and futures of our players. In each of our three geographic regions, we are working hard to develop and construct turf fields that are owned by the club, therefore securing longevity for each and every player.


  • PSA Princeton -  Plans are currently under review by the Municipality of Princeton to develop and construct two full sized 11v11 turf fields in Princeton. The exact site of the fields is to remain undisclosed to the public until final Municipal approval. The fields will also be lined for small-sided teams, with one field having markings for 7v7 and the other having markings for 9v9. The timeline is currently on track for fall 2020 completion, however, this may be subject to delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions. Below you will see a cropped image of the facility plansWe plan on continuing our relationship with Stuart Country Day School in addition to the use of Greenway Meadows Park, which will be given an opportunity to be used less and be maintained at a higher quality. 




  • PSA SDFC - Two locations have been identified, and discussions have been entered to explore the opportunities of turf field development and construction. Yet only in a very early stage, the discussions have been promising thus far. We have a goal of development ready for the fall of 2021. More details will be released as the discussions further. Use of SDA Clifton, Newark Academy, Cedar Grove HS and additional venues will all continue throughout this time

  • PSA Wildcats – We are proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with Ranney School in Tinton Falls to construct two full-sided turf fields on their campus. We plan to build two 11v11 game fields, with one lined for two 9v9 fields and the other lined for two 7v7 fields. The first phase of the project will see us replace Ranney’s current turf field with a state of the art, rubber free, recyclable turf field. This field allows PSA to be at the forefront of facility development with a focus on player safety. The new turf field will not have rubber infill, but instead will use 1.8 million recycled bottles. This material is proven to be safer than rubber infill. In the second phase over this summer, pending final town approvals, we plan to install a second turf field on Ranney’s campus, again using state-of-the-art turf. Currently this timeline is in a holding pattern due to COVID-19 related restrictions, we hope to resume ASAP.  In addtion, we have entered a long-term agreement with Sportika Sports through 2023 that creates a foothold for our  PSA Wildcats in the Manalapan and surrounding areas. PSA will continue its presence of seperate Manalapan and Long Branch based teams through U12, with older teams using all of the regions facilities. This expends the long-term facility agreements for the region to include Tinton Falls, Manalapan, Long Branch and Holmdel.

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