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Girl's Director - Massimo Cedraschi

Boy's Director - Wayne Price


Princeton SA holds three regional clubs - PSA Princeton, PSA Wildcats and PSA SDFC.


Elite players within each of these three regions are then selected to play for PSA’s National Team and could compete in the NJ Commissioner’s Cup, USYS Eastern Regional League, and the USYSA National League.

As the soccer landscape was beginning to change, PSA needed to make sure they were providing a clear, defined and exclusive soccer progression for their elite players to fulfill their potential on a national stage.

PSA combined forces with NJ Wildcats in 2017 to use their elite players from both teams to combine and compete in cups and tournaments as a National team. With the success of this, leading to 4 NJYS State Finals and 3 teams emerging victorious, a complete transition was made.


In a further attempt to expand and develop, PSA united with SDFC to create a club that would compete out of Northern Jersey and also be eligible to compete in the National teams. FC Sportika will be on board for the 2019/20 season as a part of the PSA Wildcats region, further strengthening the player pools that lead to the National teams.


All players selected for the National teams receive one additional practice a week by a coach specifically chosen and highly qualified to allow players to practice and compete in the highest level environment possible.