PSA Partnerships

  • NIKE Premier Club - The partnership means Nike is committed to providing the club with a higher quality level of service to ensure the best possible environment and professional appearance of its players and coaches. Training equipment, uniforms, coaching gear, and access to Nike resources are a major benefit of this relationship. As a member of this elite group of youth soccer clubs, PSA upholds the highest level of professionalism and quality and will have many advantages and privileges including exclusive access to USMNT & USWNT when they are in the tri-state area.


  • US Club Soccer Players First Licensed club -One of only 94 clubs in the US to receive this license, that recognizes that we meet and exceed a significant number of set standards and parameters, all with a player centered approach to development. You can read Executive Director, Ollie Hilliker's take on the licensing at this link, US Club: PSA Player's First

  • College FitFinder – PSA has a club-wide membership to College FitFinder, which allows all of our U14 and older players full access for FREE. The system provides an online platform for our players to host their personal profile, upload & edit video footage, search colleges and find 'best-fit' matches based on their profile. Players can communicate directly with college coaches through the system, research the institutions, find out about aid and scholarship packages and much more...

  • Techne Futbol – An individual technical training app developed and maintained by former US National team player, Yael Averbuch. The system is available on desktop or as a mobile app. It contains an abundance of technical training exercises, time trails and challenges for our players. We have a full club-wide membership, providing FREE access to this app to all of our players! We are big believers in our players owning their development! Each month we post our club Techne Futbol Leader-board on social media, highlighting the players who used the app the most that month.

  • Beyond Pulse – This is our physical wearable technology partner. It is an optional resource for players to purchase at a discounted rate. The smart belt records heart rate, gps data and active participate rates during training and games. This provides valuable physical data for players, parents and coaches to ensure that they are achieving the desired physical goals from their training. It also helps coaches understand physical loads placed on players, thus preventing over training and potential overuse injuries.

  • Soccer Parenting Association – We are proud partners with the Soccer Parenting Association. Their mission is to inspire players by empowering parents. Together we are able to provide resources and insight for parents to navigate the ever-changing world of youth soccer and how they can follow best practices to help their child reach their full potential.

  • SoccerZone USA – Our NIKE uniforms and apparel come through our partners at SoccerZoneUSA. Each fall we run a fundraising program in support of breast cancer awareness month. We design a new warm-up jersey for player to purchase and wear, with proceeds going to charity. In addition SoccerZone provides PSA, 1 male and 1 female graduating senior scholarship each year to the amount of $500 each.

  • Hospital for Special Surgery – We are one of the only youth soccer organizations to have a partnership with such a world-renowned hospital. The Hospital for Special Surgery is a primary jersey sponsor for our Women's WPSL team. In addition to this, their world renowned doctors come out and educate our PSA players through annual seminars and injury prevention workshops.

  • Sports Session Planner – Our coaches all have full access to this wonderful coaching resource. This provides them the ability to design and create their training sessions digitally, print and email from the system and also access a database of over 100,000 training sessions from coaches around the world.

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