The U6 Academy is in it's fourth year as a Princeton SA program and typically offers some of our youngest players the opportunity to start adding a little more soccer to their schedule with twice a week training in the Fall & Spring and once per week during the Winter, all in a small group environment.


The U6 Academy is a step up from the Development League and the curriculum is geared more towards basic fundamental skills, techniques and body movements. The U6 Academy will periodically play in-house 5v5 games to start getting used to playing in a semi-structured game environment.


Head Team Coach:  Dale Barton                                     

Spring Training Schedule

  • Monday: 5pm-6pm at Greenway Meadows

  • Wednesday: 5pm-6pm at Greenway Meadows

  • Full-Time Professional Coach at all training

  • 1 weeks Fall Pre-Season Camp

  • 2 times per week training in the Fall & Spring

  • 1 times per week training in the Winter​