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PSA SDFC will form boys’ and girls’ U7-U8 Academy (2013 & 2012) along with U9-U19 (2011 - 2001) teams for the 2019/20 Season.There are three levels of teams that will be formed (highest ranked first) - Elite, Premier and Travel. Each player selected will be placed in a team by PSA professional coaching staff at their appropriate playing level.


Any question regarding specific age groups can be directed to our staff below.

PSA SDFC Director

Boys - Ruairi Lynch -

Girls - Neill Miles -




  • Players will need to register using the above link before the scheduled tryout date. Players who fail to register in time may not be eligible to play at their scheduled tryout.

  • Players will need to attend all tryout dates for their age group. Those that cannot make all of the dates will need to contact Neill Miles with information on their non attendance.

  • Players should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This is to ensure a smooth check in procedure and consistent start time for each scheduled tryout.

  • Players will need to be dressed appropriately to play, shin gaurds are required.

  • All current PSA players should wear their current practice uniform.

  • Non-PSA players will receive a unique number during tryout check-in that they will be required to wear throughout the tryout.

  • Selections and notifications will be made by the PSA coaching staff in a timely manner throughout the tryout period