Calum Giles



Coaching Credentials:

  • SFA levels 1, 2 & 3

  • SFA coaching in the game 1.1

Coaching Experience:

  • Strathclyde University B team

  • PSA-SDFC girls 02 Premier

Playing Experience:

  • Strathclyde University Mens team

Calum has been coaching since the age of 15, beginning with voluntary programs in Local schools, gaining valuable experience at a young age to eventually running & organizing his own soccer camps during the holiday periods. After getting his badges from the Scottish Football Association, he became the player/coach for his University men’s team, gaining promotion in his first season. 


He has a bachelors degree is in physical activity for health from the University of Strathclyde in which he applies many different modules to his coaching style. These range from sports psychology, health & well-being to sports coaching and physical education. He is of the belief that coaching is far greater than just teaching someone how to play soccer, but nurturing them into becoming better versions of themselves in different aspects, on and off the field.


Calum will be the coach of the 02 Girls premier team and is excited to be joining the PSA family.