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From the bottom of our hearts, everyone at PSA would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of families who are are working on the frontlines during this time. We appreciate all that you do to help others each and every day.


Jessica Jones

Nurse, Bayshore Medical Center (mother of Anijah Formanek – PSA Wildcats ’08 Elite Girls)

Anila Vemuri

Physician’s assistant (Mother of Shraddha Vemuri – PSA Wildcats ’04 Elite Girls)


Maureen Portelli

Nurse, St. Barnabas Med Center (Mother of Oliver Portelli - PSA SDFC '08 Premier Boys & Sophia Portelli - PSA SDFC '09 Elite Girls)


Victor Bucalo

Physician (Father of Emma Bucalo - PSA SDFC '07 Elite Girls)


Rob Lee

Senior Correctional Officer, Trenton State Prison (Father of Charlie Lee – PSA Wildcats ’10 Elite Girls, Chase Lee – PSA Princeton ’08 Elite Boys, Ryan Lee – PSA National ’05 Girls)


Melanie Schwartz

OBGYN, Penn Medicine (Mother of Abby Schwartz – PSA Princeton ’08 Elite Girls)


Bruce Kaufmann

Deputy Fire Chief, Kearny FC (Father of Colin Kaufmann – PSA SDFC ’10 Elite Boys)


Dr. Alissa Zenak

Pediatrician (Mother of Gabriel Snyder – PSA SDFC ’09 Premier Boys, Brooke Snyder – PSA SDFC ’05 Premier Girls)


Zachary Ailara

EMT (PSA National ’02 Boy’s player)


Denise McQuade

Med Lab Technologist (Mother of Rylie McQuade – PSA National ’06 Girls)


Catherine Shapiro

ICU Nurse, JFK Hospital (Mother of Nicole Shapiro – PSA Wildcats ’03 NPL Girls)


Kenny Brown

Newark Police Sergeant (Father of Casey Brown – PSA SDFC '09 Elite Girls)


Elkin Orellano

NJ State Trooper (Father of Sophia Orellano – PSA SDFC ’10 Elite Girls)


Kelly Loya

Nurse, Morristown Medical Centre (Wife of Lucas Loya – PSA SDFC Coach)


David Buoncuore

Firefighter (Father of Ella Buoncuore – PSA SDFC ’07 Elite Girls)


Antoinette Montague

ICU Nurse, Overlook Hospital (Mother of Sophia Montague – PSA Wildcats ’03 NPL Girls)


Toni Augustyniak

Nurse (Mother of Lexi Augustyniak – PSA SDFC ’05 Elite Girls)


Laryn Cullen

Nurse, Memorial Sloan Kettering (Mother of MacKenzie Cullen – PSA Wildcats ’10 Girls)


Wayne Lyons

Fire Chief (Father of Ben Lyons – PSA Princeton ‘08 Elite Boys)


Iryna Shpott-Harhas

Nurse, Centrastate Hospital (Mother of Dennis Harhas – PSA Wildcat’s ’05 Elite Boys)


Ken Amann

Policeman (Father of Tyler Armann – PSA Princeton ’05 Elite Boys)


Stephanie Malick

Assisted living support (PSA Wildcats ’03 Elite Girls player)


Alyssa Malick

Assisted living support (Sister of Stephanie Malick - PSA Wildcats ’03 Elite Girls)


Sonia Marchitello

Nurse, VNA (Mother of Jason Marchitello – PSA Wildcat’s ’05 Elite Boys)


Allan Paz

Nurse, Hackensack Hospital (Father of Isabella Paz – PSA SDFC ’09 Premier Girls)


Dean Picone

Captain, Somerset Dept Corrections (Father of Noelle Picone – PSA Princeton Coach)


Kerri Burlew

Physician’s Assistant (mother of Karly Burlew – PSA Wildcats ’09 Travel Girls)


David Shaw

Firefighter/EMT (Father of Katie Shaw – PSA National ’04 Girls)


Alyssa Oviedo

EMT (PSA National ’00 Girls former player)


Vinnie Greene

NJ State Police (Father of Kiera Greene – PSA Wildcat’s ’08 Elite Girls)


Mary Donato

Nurse (Mother of Marlowe Donato – PSA Wildcat’s ’08 Elite Girls)


Maria Oramas

Occupational Therapist (Mother of AJ Oramas - PSA SDFC '07 Elite Boys)


Anthony Oramas

Biomedical Engineer (Father of AJ Oramas - PSA SDFC '07 Elite Boys)


Uzoma Owunna

OBGYN, St. Peter's New Brunswick (Mother of Tochi Owunna - PSA Wildcats '06 Elite Girls)

Frank Perna

Chief of Police, Denville (Father of Maddison Perna - PSA National '01/'00 Girls & PSA Wildcats WPSL)

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